A brand new year

So I started the year with no goals in mind, and that only lasted me for a day. A DAY!!! Because Dino didn’t allow me to move blindly in 2013 so he decided to pop me the multi million dollar question;


And I said YES.


Nothing fancy about his proposal, thank God. If he did ask me in public I am pretty sure I’d run to the washroom knowing not what to do, or how to react. *phew* Nevertheless, he did what he was supposed to do, knelt on one knee and popped the question. I gave him a hard time as well (our secret) and the next thing I knew, we were speaking about wedding preparations already! *sweats BIG time*


Honestly, we have been talking about wedding planning. Before Dino popped the question, he had been telling me the wedding would be when and when, you know, just a thought that flowed through his mind but no specific decisions made.


So…the preparation has begun!!! The worst part is both of our times are rather not in our mercy! Nevertheless, we uphold to our Papa above for His guidance and grace towards our planning. In His will and mercy, our preparation will turn out fine even tough we are struggling with time AMEN!! :D


And, least that I know, there is a loooooooooong checklist. Top of the list is parents meeting up officially for discussions for the actual day. Well, both family had met before so it wasn’t that awkward *shows peace sign* . I took this opportunity to enjoy the good food (had sumptuous dinner before official discussion) instead because I really couldn’t be bothered about Chinese customs etc T____T


Next in list, a pastor for our wedding solemnization. Then the date, venue for both dinners and most importantly the church venue. Sounds easy but we had to make sure the dates are good, because they are all inter-related. get-it get-it?  *PHEW*


After that, we had to decide the wedding cards design, wedding favors, red wine, venue decoration, engaging a bridal studio or custom made the wedding gown, makeup, parent’s attire, brothers and bridesmaids ah…too many to list but we got all the foundation laid. The details will progress as it goes, by His grace :)


Indeed it is one challenging task, it is like a huge assignment which will only come by once in a lifetime, but nevertheless I am thankful that our parents agreed to a simple yet meaningful one…I don’t see a point throwing a lavish wedding where I could save my $$ for something more realistic *hee*



Shall update as it progresses! May God bless our preparation :)










P/S : I just realized that I blogged once a month averagely! good good ! better than none lah…

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