All Fools Day

Oh great. I was fooled today. By the FB community in my home church hahaha. Anyway, since you will not understand the insider joke, I can save some energy typing the story here #lazybump.

Lately, life hasn’t been perfectly good for me; I’m still learning to be a better person. I must I can!! (Hint : It has something to do with anger management skills). And Dino hasn’t given me his therapeutic hugs; counting down to 2 months already. *pulls hair* Oh erm, actually, it has already been way past 2 months *corner eyes*

Dino is currently busy playing with the sharks and octopus-es ; no worries, he religiously calls me every-single-day D: How to not love him more despite forgetting how he looks ? *just joking meh. But it is ok, he will be back soon and hopefully be able to make a trip down south to visit my landlords, my CG; aiyo-they miss him so much o.O, my colleagues (badminton challenge!). So important person neh. *snorts*

Actually, no Dinosaur hugs also nevermind! Because I will be back to mummy’s arms this coming weekend (hope it could be longer) !!  Err, actually a bit scary, because everytime she hugs me…I realize that her hugs are getting tighter leh. And she doesn’t wanna let me go one… oh no. I have to buy a huge luggage bag to carry her back to Sg in case she really   doesn’t want to let me go this time off !! *gasps* I cannot stay longer at home because I need to sweat hard to support her future vacation trips *pretends to be filial hahahaha.

I just realize that what a rubbish post I am typing now. Anyway, just some ramblings before really I go crazy with what I am up to lately. I am thankful that I am surrounded with people who genuinely cares for me. God indeed sends angels to guard me *touched*


Dress : PurPur

Anyway, didn’t get this because I cannot afford to look so young. People still asks if I am a student in when I hang out in malls leh. Mummy said lenglui; just because she didn’t see the 2 huge pimples on my face. Bro on the other hand said I look like ‘sakai’, actually he meant lenglui; both of us knew that *rolls eyes*. Dino; no need ask him for sure he will say lenglui regardless he sees my photos or not hahaha.

HAHA. April fool – on my lame lenglui joke!

Have a blessed month ahead!



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