Sadden by the truth

Not that anything bad has happened to me, in fact I am more than thankful that God is keeping me safe and away from troubles. I had a recent encounter where God intervened and lifted me from a minor burden. My God is awesome ! :)


The recent BERSIH 3.0 had my inner eyes opened. Not that they were closed, but I chose to ignore altogether news from my homeland and my ignorance has done me no good. When most of  the citizens are fighting for a brighter future,  I realized that my ignorance is selfish. Too selfish to be called a Malaysian. Too selfish just to keep myself happy from all the bullshits happening around.


Not that I was there in the rally, but the videos are enough to speak for themselves. I still believe that there are 2 side of the stories. No one knows, only God and I am not The Great and Mighty.


I felt ashamed that being away in a foreign land, I thought I could escape all the propaganda of my home country. I was wrong. Many other nationalities who are living in the same foreign land that I now am, whom are still patriotic and love their home country asked about MY homeland. They are concerned on what a lovely nation is now turning into, the obvious never ending internal gimmicks turned into laughing stalks for other nations D:


*closes eyes, closes ears*


*tries to imagine the future*  *magical clouds floating around*


Dress : Forever 21

Vest : (Cannot remember, sorry! but it was purchased from States :) )

Venue : Disneyworld, Florida



My future kids. 1 boy 1 girl (twins shall be perfect  :D)  Which education should they be sent for??  What kind of environment should they live in? What type of friends should they mix with?? How should they be brought up??  How bright their future will be being where they should originally be??  *raises an eyebrow*






For those who stood up and fought for my future, thank you.  I shall exercise my rights and STOP  ’ hibernating! ‘


China Wine

‘Are you from China?’


I could only laugh at this question thrown to me. One thing I learnt; people judge nationalities by accent. Just like Americans and British, or French and Italian; they have their own different slangs. It is simple to find out as long as you know how they should sound.

Lately I have been communicating a lot with people from India. They are one group of talents, however, their English…I have a tough time decoding. I had to apologize for making them repeat their questions over and over. #guilty

There could be many things to blog about, however, I couldn’t be bothered, really. Currently my life is about work, and getting home to catch up with some good rest. I work 100 times harder than I was in the jungle, nevertheless, this is a steep learning path for me. I ask stupid questions, and I am not afraid of them because if I were to be scolded, I would remember the answer FOREVER. I’ll try to minimize those ‘stupid’ questions though. It is not good to carry a don’t-know-anything reputation. Dad once taught me that it is okay to be a fool for a minute but a smart person for the rest of our lives. Everyone has somewhere to begin isn’t it?


It’s time to go to bed. Yes, as early as this. I guess you’ve found my answer of my MIA-ing in Facebook and MSN.

Forgive me!


All Fools Day

Oh great. I was fooled today. By the FB community in my home church hahaha. Anyway, since you will not understand the insider joke, I can save some energy typing the story here #lazybump.

Lately, life hasn’t been perfectly good for me; I’m still learning to be a better person. I must I can!! (Hint : It has something to do with anger management skills). And Dino hasn’t given me his therapeutic hugs; counting down to 2 months already. *pulls hair* Oh erm, actually, it has already been way past 2 months *corner eyes*

Dino is currently busy playing with the sharks and octopus-es ; no worries, he religiously calls me every-single-day D: How to not love him more despite forgetting how he looks ? *just joking meh. But it is ok, he will be back soon and hopefully be able to make a trip down south to visit my landlords, my CG; aiyo-they miss him so much o.O, my colleagues (badminton challenge!). So important person neh. *snorts*

Actually, no Dinosaur hugs also nevermind! Because I will be back to mummy’s arms this coming weekend (hope it could be longer) !!  Err, actually a bit scary, because everytime she hugs me…I realize that her hugs are getting tighter leh. And she doesn’t wanna let me go one… oh no. I have to buy a huge luggage bag to carry her back to Sg in case she really   doesn’t want to let me go this time off !! *gasps* I cannot stay longer at home because I need to sweat hard to support her future vacation trips *pretends to be filial hahahaha.

I just realize that what a rubbish post I am typing now. Anyway, just some ramblings before really I go crazy with what I am up to lately. I am thankful that I am surrounded with people who genuinely cares for me. God indeed sends angels to guard me *touched*


Dress : PurPur

Anyway, didn’t get this because I cannot afford to look so young. People still asks if I am a student in when I hang out in malls leh. Mummy said lenglui; just because she didn’t see the 2 huge pimples on my face. Bro on the other hand said I look like ‘sakai’, actually he meant lenglui; both of us knew that *rolls eyes*. Dino; no need ask him for sure he will say lenglui regardless he sees my photos or not hahaha.

HAHA. April fool – on my lame lenglui joke!

Have a blessed month ahead!



Weak esophagus

I think it is not a secret anymore that I fall sick easily lately.


It got dad shocked, mom shocked, bro shocked and Dino shocked. Oh, I forgot, my colleagues were shocked too. And so, dad nagged mom, mom nagged me, bro laughed at me (the way we both understand) Dino nagged me and my colleagues nagged me.

Ok, what I meant by nag just now was their concern in getting me to eat on time, healthily and taking good care of my eating habit. Asking me to eat this and that, what I should and what I shouldn’t. T___T


Just yesterday, I had the wrong food in the canteen and I got a sour tummy there after. How shitty it felt, but after throwing out, I felt so relieved but looking at the things floating in the toilet bowl, I knew, those things were the culprit and I will never have that ever again.


And what were those?!!




How funny if I tell you that those friend onions were the ones that made my tummy had the worst discomfort ever. Those onions weren’t digested at all, causing my esophagus to be jammed internally (Dr Quek Cheang’s theory). I have no idea if those onions were fried with plastic to make it crunchy (as per rumours) or because it was kept too long that it got contaminated without anyone’s knowledge. Those bad bad germs will not make audible noises anyway o.O


Arggghh…no more throwing up hmph! I guess I will frequent cleaner places and not mind the price. Health is No.1 agree? However I have not much choices left for lunch as it will be from the only canteen in the place I am currently based at. Let’s see how it goes. God will give me the wisdom :)




Of love

Because of love, He died for us on the cross.

Because of love, my parents provided for both me and my brother.

Because of love, many co workers of mine left home and work hard in Singapore. Their monthly income, although not as high as the locals, is good enough to provide for the entire household back in their country.

How powerful love is, regardless to heal or to destroy.

Jacket : Uniqlo,        Shirt : Padini,    Jeans : Levis,      Slipper : Gap,     Handbag : Coach

Love is unconditional. It is not like going shopping and pick what you like. And when you’ve bought it, worn it for a couple of times and got bored of it, you dump it aside.

I’m fortunate to have a God who promised never to leave nor forsake me. My parents are always there for me protecting me from being hurt and doing the wrong things. They may sometimes give me the piece of advice I never wanted to hear, but deep down in my heart, I have to admit that they are right that I was once living in denial because they saw my situation through where I didn’t have guts to face it at all. I suffered emotionally..and seeing things couldn’t get any better, I made the ultimate decision to end what I knew I should have ended from the very beginning.

Bro was by my side all along, supporting me day and night. Listening to all my ramblings, fear and smacking me on the face (virtually), with the hope I stay not in dreamland but rocket back to reality.  How different from our usual self where we use to fight over (and still!) a soft toy dog (I call it Doreen but he calls it Miki). I admit that I am one lousy sister but I just cant help it. We used to chase each other around the house when we were much younger, driving mom up the wall. And right now, no more chasing but fighting over a soft toy dog (ouch). How time changes people!!! So I decided to get him a monkey which he fell in love with during our family visit to Universal Studio Singapore.

Spaghetti : Forever 21,   Shorts : Esprit,  Bag : Esprit

Guess what. He lost this monkey T___T

*gives up*

Right now, I am currently blessed with another addition in my life, Dino. He is an extincted species whereby the rest of his species are either taken or parked in the museum. I’m just blessed that out of the blues of my life, I met him, unexpectedly. I first look upon him as a big brother because he cares genuinely. But never would I have thought it would blossom to what we are today. God indeed has His plans. I still get goosebumps whenever I think back how we met and maintained our friendship till this day. We met by chance in a church (somewhere far) and he never attended anymore any services there after our first handshake due to the nature of his job.

Love is a commitment, a feeling and an action. May you find your other half who could provide you commitment, feelings and action !





29th February 2012

I just realized that if I do not blog today,I will have to wait another 4 years to see any entries written by myself on 29th February :)

Work has been challenging today, I witnessed a system that is sophisticated and challenging. Something I may not be able to see at other sites so I am treasuring today’s experience.

Nothing much has happened to me lately, besides engaging myself in a new hobby (definition by Michelle’s dictionary). Hobby = doing things that one likes during free times. My official new hobby now is SLEEPING! Because during my free times, are the only times I manage to catch up on some quality sleep haha. Sign of me aging and getting ‘wiser’ *erhem*

Lord has been very merciful to me. I cannot not thank Him every day as soon as I open my eyes for His grace and love.  My energy level has decreased significantly, sighz, what more the peanut size of my memory…anything I can eat for energy & memory boost? :P


Kinda missing the States

Purely on the vacations, that is.

More importantly, I had good companions with me. My colleagues, parents and Dino were there and I didn’t feel alone. As much as it was fun, cool or extraordinary, nothing beats home and being with people whom we are closest.

Am thinking to blog about my journey in States. Where I had been, places visited, crazy stories (if I remember any), and most importantly, a place where I made the greatest decision ever.

Oh, and also a place where tulip are so lovely!! :)



I’m happier today

My colleague mentioned that I seemed happier today. I was like really? Probably I do not look serious and stressed as usual , all thanks to the merciful workload for this week.

And during dinner he asked if my bf proposed. I was like T____T . There are so many more things to be happy about…eg passing my driving license test? Lolz. I’m just a simple girl. Passing a simple test like that boosts 0.1% of my confidence, at least :P

The test has to be done as I needed to convert my Malaysian license to the local’s. And if you need some guides, here they are;

1. Get a letter from JPJ. Tell them you want to convert your license to Singapore’s. Remember to bring along original and photocopy of these items; passport, Malaysia driving license, work permit/employment pass/whatever passes you hold, IC, RM 10 cash.

2. Take a Basic Theory Test (BTT). You need to book in advance the date and time, not to mention some studying as well. On they day of your test, bring along the original and photocopy of these items; passport, Malaysia driving license, work permit/employment pass/whatever passes you hold, 1 passport photo, $50 in form of NETS or cashcard and the letter from JPJ. Should you pass your test (you’ll know on the spot), you can proceed to the counter in the very same building for the conversion process.

More info here



Finally a decent post after being hacked repeatedly LOL! I salute the hackers, really. Their passion for Allah is to be applauded but sadly, just the wrong way ; okay, what is right and wrong is not for me to judge. But the bible mention not to steal, so can I conclude that stealing a blog is wrong? :)

I’ll try to blog often. God has blessed me abundantly and I’m glad I can share in anyway!