Blessed New Year

On the first day of 2013, I woke up feeling very satisfied. It was like a mixture of love, heavenly assurance, strength and yes, ample amount of sleep. In short, I felt whole.



I took the time to reflect upon 2012. It wasn’t anything to shout about, but I identified my mistakes, things to improve and most importantly, I felt God was with me throughout the year. The reason I said this is because I could identify the occasions where He kept me safe despite my carelessness, thought me to be more patient, and at many times, He was the teacher of the things I had to. You must be thinking I’m kidding, but without Him, I may never go through 2012 victoriously.



Sadly, I realized my time with parents was compromised. Partly because of my job, however I’m glad my parents found something to keep them busy temporarily. I tried my best to visit if it was within my physical ability; it is very tiring having to travel so much, however I would think that my parents would want more of me. I almost wanted to give up visiting them on Christmas because I reached my hotel room (Prai) at about 2am (25/12) after a day’s work. And to make it home (Ipoh) for Christmas service, I would have to wake up by 8am latest to be on time after about 2 hours drive. No matter how much I was glued onto my hotel room’s bed, I pulled myself up and made it home, with Dino as my personal driver. I kept mum about going home for Christmas, so yeah, as you could have guessed, my parents got a shock when they saw me and Dino walking into the church, and I think I saw my mum teary. She hugged me so tightly; I knew she was glad I was home. We visited Dino’s parents in the evening, and drove straight back to Prai after dinner. I had to resume work the day after. It was tiring but worth it. Family is important, and I’m gonna improve family time for 2013.





I ended the year with a heart of giving. I have never felt better. The bible says blessed it is to give than to receive, and through many experiences, I admit that it is true. How marvelous is God’s intervention in my life, how great Thou art…the best part? I have Dino with me exercising our faith in Christ and it felt so good that we could bless/encourage others as a couple.



Another thing that I learnt was, to just be myself and unless constructive, it is unnecessary to put too much thoughts/emotions on negative comments. It is not my job to please others but God.



I pray that throughout this year He will keep me humble, strong and wise. I will improve my time with Him, family, Dino and friends. I would summarize this year as a year of relationships. (forget about $ and power, I cannot bring it to the grave anyway…) . It will also be a year where I enter another chapter of life. :)



Second day of new year? I didn’t want to wake up …because it was time to resume work !



However I ended ‘that’ day on cloud 9. It was all because of Dino   . Story ah? Some other time lah … *winks*




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