A brand new year

So I started the year with no goals in mind, and that only lasted me for a day. A DAY!!! Because Dino didn’t allow me to move blindly in 2013 so he decided to pop me the multi million dollar question;


And I said YES.


Nothing fancy about his proposal, thank God. If he did ask me in public I am pretty sure I’d run to the washroom knowing not what to do, or how to react. *phew* Nevertheless, he did what he was supposed to do, knelt on one knee and popped the question. I gave him a hard time as well (our secret) and the next thing I knew, we were speaking about wedding preparations already! *sweats BIG time*


Honestly, we have been talking about wedding planning. Before Dino popped the question, he had been telling me the wedding would be when and when, you know, just a thought that flowed through his mind but no specific decisions made.


So…the preparation has begun!!! The worst part is both of our times are rather not in our mercy! Nevertheless, we uphold to our Papa above for His guidance and grace towards our planning. In His will and mercy, our preparation will turn out fine even tough we are struggling with time AMEN!! :D


And, least that I know, there is a loooooooooong checklist. Top of the list is parents meeting up officially for discussions for the actual day. Well, both family had met before so it wasn’t that awkward *shows peace sign* . I took this opportunity to enjoy the good food (had sumptuous dinner before official discussion) instead because I really couldn’t be bothered about Chinese customs etc T____T


Next in list, a pastor for our wedding solemnization. Then the date, venue for both dinners and most importantly the church venue. Sounds easy but we had to make sure the dates are good, because they are all inter-related. get-it get-it?  *PHEW*


After that, we had to decide the wedding cards design, wedding favors, red wine, venue decoration, engaging a bridal studio or custom made the wedding gown, makeup, parent’s attire, brothers and bridesmaids ah…too many to list but we got all the foundation laid. The details will progress as it goes, by His grace :)


Indeed it is one challenging task, it is like a huge assignment which will only come by once in a lifetime, but nevertheless I am thankful that our parents agreed to a simple yet meaningful one…I don’t see a point throwing a lavish wedding where I could save my $$ for something more realistic *hee*



Shall update as it progresses! May God bless our preparation :)










P/S : I just realized that I blogged once a month averagely! good good ! better than none lah…

Blessed New Year

On the first day of 2013, I woke up feeling very satisfied. It was like a mixture of love, heavenly assurance, strength and yes, ample amount of sleep. In short, I felt whole.



I took the time to reflect upon 2012. It wasn’t anything to shout about, but I identified my mistakes, things to improve and most importantly, I felt God was with me throughout the year. The reason I said this is because I could identify the occasions where He kept me safe despite my carelessness, thought me to be more patient, and at many times, He was the teacher of the things I had to. You must be thinking I’m kidding, but without Him, I may never go through 2012 victoriously.



Sadly, I realized my time with parents was compromised. Partly because of my job, however I’m glad my parents found something to keep them busy temporarily. I tried my best to visit if it was within my physical ability; it is very tiring having to travel so much, however I would think that my parents would want more of me. I almost wanted to give up visiting them on Christmas because I reached my hotel room (Prai) at about 2am (25/12) after a day’s work. And to make it home (Ipoh) for Christmas service, I would have to wake up by 8am latest to be on time after about 2 hours drive. No matter how much I was glued onto my hotel room’s bed, I pulled myself up and made it home, with Dino as my personal driver. I kept mum about going home for Christmas, so yeah, as you could have guessed, my parents got a shock when they saw me and Dino walking into the church, and I think I saw my mum teary. She hugged me so tightly; I knew she was glad I was home. We visited Dino’s parents in the evening, and drove straight back to Prai after dinner. I had to resume work the day after. It was tiring but worth it. Family is important, and I’m gonna improve family time for 2013.





I ended the year with a heart of giving. I have never felt better. The bible says blessed it is to give than to receive, and through many experiences, I admit that it is true. How marvelous is God’s intervention in my life, how great Thou art…the best part? I have Dino with me exercising our faith in Christ and it felt so good that we could bless/encourage others as a couple.



Another thing that I learnt was, to just be myself and unless constructive, it is unnecessary to put too much thoughts/emotions on negative comments. It is not my job to please others but God.



I pray that throughout this year He will keep me humble, strong and wise. I will improve my time with Him, family, Dino and friends. I would summarize this year as a year of relationships. (forget about $ and power, I cannot bring it to the grave anyway…) . It will also be a year where I enter another chapter of life. :)



Second day of new year? I didn’t want to wake up …because it was time to resume work !



However I ended ‘that’ day on cloud 9. It was all because of Dino   . Story ah? Some other time lah … *winks*




It’s October and I’m awake

Greetings! Looks like I’ve abandoned my blog a.k.a my thoughts so long that I am really considering to shut this down…I’m not too sure about this yet, let’s see how it goes.


I’m not surprised on how fast time flies, rather I am more surprised on my lack of achievements and procrastination on certain things. But then again, I also realize that I traded a lot of time on some other more important things eg the house, parents and Dino. Cannot compare ok…:)


In the midst of of busyness, I realized that a lot of my time were spent for others and not myself. Putting work aside, the amount of time I set aside was for my parents, if not Dino, if not my friends, if not my landlords. Sigh. I realized that I didn’t really set some time for myself, what more the time I have with Him, also deteriorated.


I’ve no idea why out of a sudden, I was awaken. The phrase ‘Wake me up when September ends’ .. suits me this time, because I really felt something is different in me, just I have no idea who slapped me up; the Holy Spirit maybe. *shrugs*


I’ll start with some baby steps. Guide me O Lord…It is time to speak to the mountain of procrastination and hurdles. :)

It is easy to be happy

Well,  yes. It IS that simple.


I remember when rain of shits fell upon me at one season…erm like balls of Milo, but wasn’t of how good Milo would taste like. The process from getting shit stains, to cleaning them off, to not ‘think’ of the misfortune, to forgiving who threw the balls of shit on me… hahahaha. Sounds simple but actually not. Many times I found myself asking why me, why so difficult, if I could reverse the time and choose again…


Looking back, I do not regret making those mistakes, learnt and moved on. Because the process of correcting the mistakes was cruel and only by His strength I managed to overcome! Not forgetting that during those horrendous tribulations, my friends stood by my side, my bro and me got closer and more childish (our secret!), my parent’s love could only be magnified in my heart and Dino’s love proved that mine is all, totally (see the emphasis) worthy in His name :)


My life, since my jungle chapter, was almost like a fairy tale. I was tremendously blessed yet my survival skills was being tested. I’m very thankful that in the midst of searching, I clung closer to Him and started a whole new chapter entirely, much happier :)


I realized that in the quest of living a happy life, we need to be humble. Because attitude wins heart, and makes us more contented of our lives. In the quest of growing $ in your bank accounts, think again, are you really ‘that‘ happy?


My travels have given me the opportunity to see what is in stored out there of which I begin to take life more seriously, as in, I appreciate everything that is evolving around me. The food that I eat, the dog that walked past, the laptop that is still functioning… it is just that simple, if only your brains allow. Human beings are all so different individually, so instead of frustrating myself on their each unique characters, I take it easily, choosing to laugh at their karenah (mischievous, sometimes blood-vomiting acts) instead of boiling my veins – it works, try it!


As of now, I’ve sacrificed a lot just to be what I am today, and given a chance, I will definitely choose otherwise. I clearly know right now that I prefer love and relationships over money and power. And I am glad Dino agrees. I will endure for the time being, and in His timing, I’ll make my way back into love :) Speaking of that, our abode is at its final phase, and it is just so pretty! We love how our taste are so similar and classy within the specific tight budget. Most importantly, we pulled out from this renovation, with Dino all saturated (couldn’t help him much D: #guilty) , yet I love his humble, gentle, well-tempered attitude towards our almost blood-vomiting workers of Lim (our contractor). Considering to charge rent for those who crash over , kidding! :P I still remember my dream to make chicken soup for my friends who come over, so deal is still on! :)


States is treating me good. Nothing much as of now, but tests one after another. I appreciate where I am now although I am missing home terribly and of course Dino. I believe I will pull out something good from this adventure this time.


God bless!




Quest for a balanced life

2 years ago, I was looking for alternatives. I had the energy to fight and earn a better living, well not that I wanted any bungalows or BMWs, I just wanted a better life in moderation, that simple.


I’m not sure what I wanted to prove so badly, I’m always drowned in work, and there isn’t any work life balance. The amount of red bombs I get in these 3 years increases exponentially and sadly, I barely could attend most of them. I do not blame my friends if they forget my name or how I actually look like. Being at where I am now, the quest to go home (hometown) is like getting 9 months bonus if it could ACTUALLY happen.




All these frustrations led me to a dream, a dream that I’m not sure if I could achieve. I now secretly want to be a thai thai (wife who stays at home). However, looking at my traits; I never wash my toilet, or fold my blanket, my room’s a mess, never will I do housework.. I think I practically fail before I even apply for this position, or rather, be eligible for this position (hello, I need to get married for this). Actually, I just want to sit at home, go have tea whenever I want, go window shopping to suck some free aircon (yes, that is my goal), head to public library and borrow some good books bla bla bla and yet, STILL HAVE $$ and FOOD !!


I’m asked to prepare for my next travel, to be trained (again) that is. This will mark my 3rd time in that country, well on the bright side, I’m glad it’ll be summer :) My workload will increase exponentially after my coming back, oh dear. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope but I pray God will be in charged because my relationship with Him and my loved ones will be affected. I foresee I’m gonna travel like a mad lady and Dino will be catching me whereever I’ll be!


Actually in conclusion, I’m just being lazy, Or maybe I just need a good break.


And I also think I could probably enjoy poking into other’s business :P



Time flies

Time flew too fast to remember every single detail. But I thank God that I appreciated each second, because I will never know what will happen the second next!


In my line, to have a weekend with love ones is a bonus. To have a week? I’ll be on cloud 9! I guess each decision of ours means sacrificing something and once made, there is no turning back, at least for a short period of time.


My job also teaches me patience. And also to properly sentence my words so that I do not sound too blunt and eventually hurt the other party. Sometimes, I just cannot help it..I’m a fairer sex and I tend to express all out unlike macho men – talk business #likeaboss


I think the higher you climb, the more you gotta search your heart. Have you surrendered all to Him or merely loving Him and people whenever you want? My idea of a boss is like Jesus and His character. Not everyone has the character, sadly. I really pray that my attitude and character is overflowing from the love from above, that I may be a good steward of His.


Recently both Dino and I are in the midst of a project (secret!) and we felt that God is indeed intervening in all our decisions. And also, what is happening, we have no control at all; all we can do is to surrender and marvel at His grace and works in our lives! *weak knees*


Haha pork chop from Macao! My life is associated with pigs and porks (ugrh!). I don’t eat pork so eventually it became a joke in my life haha. It is just so funny seeing how people around me letting their hair down and bring out their very own childishness in them <3


Have a blessed week ahead!

Sadden by the truth

Not that anything bad has happened to me, in fact I am more than thankful that God is keeping me safe and away from troubles. I had a recent encounter where God intervened and lifted me from a minor burden. My God is awesome ! :)


The recent BERSIH 3.0 had my inner eyes opened. Not that they were closed, but I chose to ignore altogether news from my homeland and my ignorance has done me no good. When most of  the citizens are fighting for a brighter future,  I realized that my ignorance is selfish. Too selfish to be called a Malaysian. Too selfish just to keep myself happy from all the bullshits happening around.


Not that I was there in the rally, but the videos are enough to speak for themselves. I still believe that there are 2 side of the stories. No one knows, only God and I am not The Great and Mighty.


I felt ashamed that being away in a foreign land, I thought I could escape all the propaganda of my home country. I was wrong. Many other nationalities who are living in the same foreign land that I now am, whom are still patriotic and love their home country asked about MY homeland. They are concerned on what a lovely nation is now turning into, the obvious never ending internal gimmicks turned into laughing stalks for other nations D:


*closes eyes, closes ears*


*tries to imagine the future*  *magical clouds floating around*


Dress : Forever 21

Vest : (Cannot remember, sorry! but it was purchased from States :) )

Venue : Disneyworld, Florida



My future kids. 1 boy 1 girl (twins shall be perfect  :D)  Which education should they be sent for??  What kind of environment should they live in? What type of friends should they mix with?? How should they be brought up??  How bright their future will be being where they should originally be??  *raises an eyebrow*






For those who stood up and fought for my future, thank you.  I shall exercise my rights and STOP  ’ hibernating! ‘


China Wine

‘Are you from China?’


I could only laugh at this question thrown to me. One thing I learnt; people judge nationalities by accent. Just like Americans and British, or French and Italian; they have their own different slangs. It is simple to find out as long as you know how they should sound.

Lately I have been communicating a lot with people from India. They are one group of talents, however, their English…I have a tough time decoding. I had to apologize for making them repeat their questions over and over. #guilty

There could be many things to blog about, however, I couldn’t be bothered, really. Currently my life is about work, and getting home to catch up with some good rest. I work 100 times harder than I was in the jungle, nevertheless, this is a steep learning path for me. I ask stupid questions, and I am not afraid of them because if I were to be scolded, I would remember the answer FOREVER. I’ll try to minimize those ‘stupid’ questions though. It is not good to carry a don’t-know-anything reputation. Dad once taught me that it is okay to be a fool for a minute but a smart person for the rest of our lives. Everyone has somewhere to begin isn’t it?


It’s time to go to bed. Yes, as early as this. I guess you’ve found my answer of my MIA-ing in Facebook and MSN.

Forgive me!


All Fools Day

Oh great. I was fooled today. By the FB community in my home church hahaha. Anyway, since you will not understand the insider joke, I can save some energy typing the story here #lazybump.

Lately, life hasn’t been perfectly good for me; I’m still learning to be a better person. I must I can!! (Hint : It has something to do with anger management skills). And Dino hasn’t given me his therapeutic hugs; counting down to 2 months already. *pulls hair* Oh erm, actually, it has already been way past 2 months *corner eyes*

Dino is currently busy playing with the sharks and octopus-es ; no worries, he religiously calls me every-single-day D: How to not love him more despite forgetting how he looks ? *just joking meh. But it is ok, he will be back soon and hopefully be able to make a trip down south to visit my landlords, my CG; aiyo-they miss him so much o.O, my colleagues (badminton challenge!). So important person neh. *snorts*

Actually, no Dinosaur hugs also nevermind! Because I will be back to mummy’s arms this coming weekend (hope it could be longer) !!  Err, actually a bit scary, because everytime she hugs me…I realize that her hugs are getting tighter leh. And she doesn’t wanna let me go one… oh no. I have to buy a huge luggage bag to carry her back to Sg in case she really   doesn’t want to let me go this time off !! *gasps* I cannot stay longer at home because I need to sweat hard to support her future vacation trips *pretends to be filial hahahaha.

I just realize that what a rubbish post I am typing now. Anyway, just some ramblings before really I go crazy with what I am up to lately. I am thankful that I am surrounded with people who genuinely cares for me. God indeed sends angels to guard me *touched*


Dress : PurPur

Anyway, didn’t get this because I cannot afford to look so young. People still asks if I am a student in when I hang out in malls leh. Mummy said lenglui; just because she didn’t see the 2 huge pimples on my face. Bro on the other hand said I look like ‘sakai’, actually he meant lenglui; both of us knew that *rolls eyes*. Dino; no need ask him for sure he will say lenglui regardless he sees my photos or not hahaha.

HAHA. April fool – on my lame lenglui joke!

Have a blessed month ahead!



Weak esophagus

I think it is not a secret anymore that I fall sick easily lately.


It got dad shocked, mom shocked, bro shocked and Dino shocked. Oh, I forgot, my colleagues were shocked too. And so, dad nagged mom, mom nagged me, bro laughed at me (the way we both understand) Dino nagged me and my colleagues nagged me.

Ok, what I meant by nag just now was their concern in getting me to eat on time, healthily and taking good care of my eating habit. Asking me to eat this and that, what I should and what I shouldn’t. T___T


Just yesterday, I had the wrong food in the canteen and I got a sour tummy there after. How shitty it felt, but after throwing out, I felt so relieved but looking at the things floating in the toilet bowl, I knew, those things were the culprit and I will never have that ever again.


And what were those?!!




How funny if I tell you that those friend onions were the ones that made my tummy had the worst discomfort ever. Those onions weren’t digested at all, causing my esophagus to be jammed internally (Dr Quek Cheang’s theory). I have no idea if those onions were fried with plastic to make it crunchy (as per rumours) or because it was kept too long that it got contaminated without anyone’s knowledge. Those bad bad germs will not make audible noises anyway o.O


Arggghh…no more throwing up hmph! I guess I will frequent cleaner places and not mind the price. Health is No.1 agree? However I have not much choices left for lunch as it will be from the only canteen in the place I am currently based at. Let’s see how it goes. God will give me the wisdom :)