29th February 2012

I just realized that if I do not blog today,I will have to wait another 4 years to see any entries written by myself on 29th February :)

Work has been challenging today, I witnessed a system that is sophisticated and challenging. Something I may not be able to see at other sites so I am treasuring today’s experience.

Nothing much has happened to me lately, besides engaging myself in a new hobby (definition by Michelle’s dictionary). Hobby = doing things that one likes during free times. My official new hobby now is SLEEPING! Because during my free times, are the only times I manage to catch up on some quality sleep haha. Sign of me aging and getting ‘wiser’ *erhem*

Lord has been very merciful to me. I cannot not thank Him every day as soon as I open my eyes for His grace and love. ┬áMy energy level has decreased significantly, sighz, what more the peanut size of my memory…anything I can eat for energy & memory boost? :P


Kinda missing the States

Purely on the vacations, that is.

More importantly, I had good companions with me. My colleagues, parents and Dino were there and I didn’t feel alone. As much as it was fun, cool or extraordinary, nothing beats home and being with people whom we are closest.

Am thinking to blog about my journey in States. Where I had been, places visited, crazy stories (if I remember any), and most importantly, a place where I made the greatest decision ever.

Oh, and also a place where tulip are so lovely!! :)




Finally a decent post after being hacked repeatedly LOL! I salute the hackers, really. Their passion for Allah is to be applauded but sadly, just the wrong way ; okay, what is right and wrong is not for me to judge. But the bible mention not to steal, so can I conclude that stealing a blog is wrong? :)

I’ll try to blog often. God has blessed me abundantly and I’m glad I can share in anyway!