Dino & I have been together for quite awhile. Not exactly too long but significantly long enough to brag about each other strengths and weaknesses; in terms of weaknesses, my score card is much higher…


Dino says I am untidy (because my things are everywhere, which I DO NOT deny). He ended up tidying my room one fine day during one of his rare visits to Singapore *sweats* He on the other hand, is Mr.Tidy as he was trained to clean his house when he was young.. He always says that his specialty is washing the dishes and mopping the floor…(I think he mentioned more but I *buat buat lupa * )


Both of us met in SIB Miri while I was posted in the jungle and when he was based in Miri for awhile. It WASN”T like we kept in touch a lot because he would either be away in the middle of nowhere, or I’d be in the jungle; let’s just say we both had different ways back then.


I will keep the suspense on how we got together eventually (though some close friends have known), until the day we get married hehe (need to save some items to talk about when the day arrives). However, he swept my feet with his love for God and his sincere persistence. He even drove to my house and asked my parents for their permission and blessings to take me as his girlfriend. Yes….my heart melted!!


Ask my mom and she can confirm that Dino is  ’si lai sat sau’ (housewives killer). I love how he shows utmost respect to elders (not only my parents) and how far he’ll go for his friends. He could talk to anyone easily and not hold any grudges when someone advises him for his good. I’ve advised someone dear to me before about certain things but what shocked me was that person chose to be angry instead and told me that the respect for person X would be less (what on earth is this?). Also, Dino doesn’t use vulgar words nor curse he’ll burn someone’s house/go whack someone….(joking or not; not kidding I’ve heard few people saying this) …


Dino told me that his mom prays for our relationship. How sweet is that!!!??  When I am sick or on some business travels, she keeps me in prayer. She occasionally buys me things eg herbs or tupperwares because she is concerned. Same goes for my mom. She whatsapps Dino occasionally, checking if he is doing good, etc…unlike most moms who just leave the youngsters in their relationship. I find that our relationship is special because we have support from each families especially moms who are prayer warriors and most importantly, love God. They of course would consistently give advises (sounds good or bad but for our good!) and we would be glad to learn from them.




Actually, we are on LDR all along, although many people guessed that he is working in Singapore too (how did you get the idea ah?), so it has been not that easy for us, considering that I travel so much and fly after receipt of emergency phone calls. Dino told me that he wouldn’t give up. He would make the effort to look for me during his off days, whereever I would be; something I thanked God for. Well, there were of course disappointments where suddenly he couldn’t make it (initially, there were emergency calls for him to travel too), but at least he would let me know that he couldn’t make it, unlike some of my bad experiences where plans were made but no show.


To be fair, I know I cannot compare my past dating experiences with Dino. They were just different type of people that have different personalities, which sadly clashed with mine. For example, you know what type of person someone is when they speak badly about their ex-half after a relationship has ended. Dino told me about his pasts, however, he didn’t paint a black picture of his horrible experiences, instead, he told me the mistakes he learnt, his yet-unanswered questions about his past yet not bad-mouthing anyone. His testimony in this area, is so powerful, I’ll leave him on that to share, you’ll be amazed with dropping jaws ..or maybe like this;


Dino can be super caring, but he is also forgetful lor. Like I told him my (toy) dog’s name is Doreen but he calls her Patricia *roll eyes*. And he calls the bird which built its nest opposite our kitchen, Jane ; I think he got my childish disease LOL! 



Both Dino and I call each other names. And in Whatsapp, we both have an icon which represents each of us hahahaha. Among all of the names he created for me, Dino also calls me Queen of CONTROL.  



Because if I do not, he would be late for work. Or forget his stuffs. Or procrastinate….




And you guys say ladies nag…


Of love

Because of love, He died for us on the cross.

Because of love, my parents provided for both me and my brother.

Because of love, many co workers of mine left home and work hard in Singapore. Their monthly income, although not as high as the locals, is good enough to provide for the entire household back in their country.

How powerful love is, regardless to heal or to destroy.

Jacket : Uniqlo,        Shirt : Padini,    Jeans : Levis,      Slipper : Gap,     Handbag : Coach

Love is unconditional. It is not like going shopping and pick what you like. And when you’ve bought it, worn it for a couple of times and got bored of it, you dump it aside.

I’m fortunate to have a God who promised never to leave nor forsake me. My parents are always there for me protecting me from being hurt and doing the wrong things. They may sometimes give me the piece of advice I never wanted to hear, but deep down in my heart, I have to admit that they are right..so right that I was once living in denial because they saw my situation through where I didn’t have guts to face it at all. I suffered emotionally..and seeing things couldn’t get any better, I made the ultimate decision to end what I knew I should have ended from the very beginning.

Bro was by my side all along, supporting me day and night. Listening to all my ramblings, fear and smacking me on the face (virtually), with the hope I stay not in dreamland but rocket back to reality.  How different from our usual self where we use to fight over (and still!) a soft toy dog (I call it Doreen but he calls it Miki). I admit that I am one lousy sister but I just cant help it. We used to chase each other around the house when we were much younger, driving mom up the wall. And right now, no more chasing but fighting over a soft toy dog (ouch). How time changes people!!! So I decided to get him a monkey which he fell in love with during our family visit to Universal Studio Singapore.

Spaghetti : Forever 21,   Shorts : Esprit,  Bag : Esprit

Guess what. He lost this monkey T___T

*gives up*

Right now, I am currently blessed with another addition in my life, Dino. He is an extincted species whereby the rest of his species are either taken or parked in the museum. I’m just blessed that out of the blues of my life, I met him, unexpectedly. I first look upon him as a big brother because he cares genuinely. But never would I have thought it would blossom to what we are today. God indeed has His plans. I still get goosebumps whenever I think back how we met and maintained our friendship till this day. We met by chance in a church (somewhere far) and he never attended anymore any services there after our first handshake due to the nature of his job.

Love is a commitment, a feeling and an action. May you find your other half who could provide you commitment, feelings and action !