Condo Update #2

Dear all, I proudly presents some good photos on our condo. Dino’s hard work are all shining within the condo. I have to tell you he was stressed, sleepless and saturated.


Right now?


He is just so happy to be living in it hahahaha. He is excited like a lil kid who just found ice cream; I truly understand; all his hardwork admist the painful period, and right now he is reaping the rewards!! Not sure if he danced out of joy but I’m not surprised if he did :P


Let the pictures do the talking, I’m so excited to get home :)


This is our external bathroom. Dino’s choice on the head shower.



The view of our 3rd room entrance on the left and the external bathroom’s door. Lovely isn’t it? We all especially love the ‘ WIld Irish’ purple paint. Dino’s idea and our colour of choice <3


Our master bathroom. There were some comments that it looks weird but both Dino and I love it, this is all mattered :)


Our wardrobe and my dressing table. Dino knew I wanted a dressing table so he worked with the designer for this. Super <3


Our curtain. Cannot really see its colour here in this photo. We love the colour and the price, it’s from IKEA :) I wanted the railings to be removed and replaced with a stick, to fit my button type curtain. It makes life a lot easier, trust me. Oh, and if you noticed, the couch, book shelf (I wanted it ops!) and TV cabinet are all matching in colours :D


Ahah! This is one romantic view from the couch looking towards the entrance. I think it is just super lovely. That is Dino’s custom made shoe rack and the clock I love from IKEA. That is the blind (there are another 2 in the kitchen) we got to avoid people peeping in as our unit is just right after the elevator :)


Last but not least, our humble kitchen. Mom just got us a microwave oven, so our kitchen will not look that empty soon. And Dino is grilling a chicken for us with that *winks


As I’m typing now, Dino is still getting some minor things fixed and installed. And when I’m back we will go through the process of decorating the house, not that there are much to do, but there is still a need to beautify our unit :)  How time flies and all our hardwork has started to reap its rewards.


So, this will be our home. That is what Dino assured me :)





Condo Renovation Update #1

Current progress is pretty good! Most of the things are hacked and waiting to be fitted (tiles, cabinets, floor).

Our 3rd room’s floor. Our future study room :)


The master bathroom :)


Kitchen cabinet. Dino decided to hack the granite down for a new one :) Also the previous kitchen floor tiles removed.


All in all the unit is in a mess. But seeing the living room and kitchen tiles nicely laid (save the pictures for the last!), our hearts just rejoiced and patiently await the final outcome. I’m sure Dino is more anxious than I am, as he is the affected first in-line of you-name-it; tiredness, lack of sleep, liaising with various contractors and me-his-lady-boss for final decision (he actually put that in one of the email correspondences with a contractor) ; how sweet :)


Well, with God’s grace, this unit will be made over perfectly for a more comfy future, a place we can call our home :)



Condo Renovation

First and foremost, renovation.. is a headache…


Wait, if you are wondering, I’m NOT referring to my house. I guess, it is now obvious that Dino IS the owner, and *shy* I’m just the, erm parasite…but has a lot of say *erhem* in the design of our abode..


The most important thing for any renovations, is to get a good contractor. Being foreign in KL, both of us were clueless on this; you know, the kind where he/she wouldn’t suck your hard earned $$ too much and still give quality work.


Through Dino’s hometown network, we were introduced to Teoh. We liked him as he tried to cut unnecessary costs etc, yet giving us good ideas on items we may have never heard before….and after few meetings, Dino decided to engage Teoh. That was like many months ago, where Dino even hadn’t gotten the condo’s key! And several months after, when Teoh was ready to start on our unit, to our dismay he had to decline our project as he was down with some health issues.


And so it was back to square one. We had to find a new contractor AGAIN, the most sienzzzz part of all. Through recommendations, we got 3-4 numbers. This time, we asked for quotations and compared their prices, at the same time asked about their quality of job done from friends/colleagues who recommended. We were told that it is a norm in KL, to engage at least 5 contractors quote and then pick the best. Of course, we were shocked at this information as both of us do not have that much time to hunt for any!


In the end, after all the hassles, we surrendered all to God. There is no one we can trust but Him alone. We prayed that He will guide us to the right contractor, and that our abode will be a blessing to many upon completion. It is not easy but we learnt to take it easy, and let God lead. And it was a huge burden off our shoulders.. (more like off Dino’s)…


In the midst of deciding between the 4 quotations, God worked in our lives. During the duration where Dino was having his short break, he was introduced to Lim, a contractor. It was during the Renovation Expo held in PWTC that while scouting for LED lights for our plaster ceiling, he made friends with a salesman, Ng who recommended Lim to us. Dino called Lim immediately and the next day, he came over and we went through the list-to-do together with my presence (I made a weekend trip back after a strong encouragement from my colleague who also had just makeover his unit). In 8 hours, Lim gave us his quotation and may I just say, his price is the BEST of all. Praise God!


Obviously, we engaged Lim. Lim is a young chap, early 30s and is super energetic. I salute his energy and his success in this industry (he told us some stories). Most importantly, we admired his efficiency in giving his customers quotes within 8 hours. Best!


Back to the Renovation Expo, it was one the most tiring weekend in my life. From walking as early as 10am till 9pm for 2 consecutive days, please pardon me for me for not contacting anyone in KL. I took the earliest flight on Monday and headed straight to work haha! Yeah, super tiring but it was all worth it; we bought most of our list-to-buy items from the expo at slashed prices! No regrets! Lolol


Eager to see what we bought during the expo? Haha. Call me show off but this project of ours will not be a success without God whose timing’s so perfect. Dino went on Day 1 itself (total 3 days) to scout on available items, and he did a good job in finalizing items for our abode. When I arrived on Day 2, he briefed me on items he thought I would love (we have quite similar taste) and our so hunt began!


It was so much easier for me, and eventually us, that all I needed to do was to decide. Probably I should just type in point form like all engineers do haha!


Day 1

Dino did homework (scout in Expo). Presented his findings to me (lolol) and was waiting eagerly for my arrival. Score brownie points hor!


Day 2

I arrived and headed for the expo. Went through all the pamplets Dino obtained and had a good look on the actual items on display, which Dino had already narrowed down to save time. Entire day pakto in expo in the sea of people. The only thing paid for on this day was deposit for Floor Depot – we are getting rid of the existing parquet and replacing them with laminated flooring from Floor Depot with 15 years warranty!


Day 3

Paid a lot of deposit. Kinda saw a huge black hole in Dino’s account.


1. Wall lamps, bathroom lights and chandelier from ALFO. Quite a good bargain~!

Dining chandelier

Bathroom lights – the right one

Our wall lamps

Entrance and balcony lamps.


2. LED lights for our plaster ceiling from Tong Ging.

3. Rinnai hop and hood. Dino wanted something better, thus he promised he will learn to cook (thank God, my life made easier!)

4. Kitchen cabinet from Lavender.

5. Lovely bathroom sinks from Intrends Bathroom Glassware.

Our master bedroom’s sink. Tempered glass and stainless steel cabinet. Dino wanted it so badly so I said OK 

External bathroom sink, looks so atas hor! Tempered glass and stainless steel cabinet. maybe my future hamster bowl Had a tough time deciding between this and another model, but in the end, Dino succumbed to this choice of mine *grins*


6. Granite sink for kitchen from Benova .

Initially our plan was to get a medium range stainless steel, but renovation expo has its temptations too! This granite sink is prolly equivalent to 4 stainless steel sinks!!!  Dino fell in love with this, and since he is doing his duty with this, I shouldn’t say NO, should I? 


7. Cottage shoe rack and door hangers from Coco Interior Design.

Dino’s choice. The sales girl was baffled with Dino’s ‘girly’ taste lolol.


8. Kitchen tap & bidet for 50% off the price! Cheapest we’ve seen so far :)


9. Tiles from Ipmuda (opposite DUMC). We walked past Ipmuda after church. Out of my curiosity, I pulled Dino in and since clearance sales on going; we got all our bathroom tiles there! Such impromptu design haha. Gosh our tastes are so similar :)

External bathroom wall tiles

Floor tiles for both bathrooms


Wall tiles for master bathroom :)


And thereafter this expo, Dino geared up with strength above for these minor things hunt, eg ceiling fan, water heater, my BLUE bath tub, floor traps, toilet roll holders, bathroom faucets. Pity him, he walked from one shop to another to get the best bargain. Renovation, is tiring, very but fun. Heard that most couples quarrel during renovation process, well I thank God that Dino is patient with me…


Well, renovation is on going, the contractor had all the room floors, living room & kitchen floor hacked (we decided to change last minute) and our master bedroom bathroom cleared. Pretty efficient and I cant wait for the outcome!


I wanna thank you Dino for erm, absorbing the entire renovation cost giving me such an experience. I learnt a lot during this tiring but fun renovation process. I could conclude that a successful renovation comes from patience seeking the best contractor and hunting for items on our own (saves a lot!).


On another note, prolly, I should get myself a pair of yellow boots; contractors earn a whole lot man!


P/S : If the outcome of our renovation is very satisfactory, I’ll recommend Lim with his details here :)