China Wine

‘Are you from China?’


I could only laugh at this question thrown to me. One thing I learnt; people judge nationalities by accent. Just like Americans and British, or French and Italian; they have their own different slangs. It is simple to find out as long as you know how they should sound.

Lately I have been communicating a lot with people from India. They are one group of talents, however, their English…I have a tough time decoding. I had to apologize for making them repeat their questions over and over. #guilty

There could be many things to blog about, however, I couldn’t be bothered, really. Currently my life is about work, and getting home to catch up with some good rest. I work 100 times harder than I was in the jungle, nevertheless, this is a steep learning path for me. I ask stupid questions, and I am not afraid of them because if I were to be scolded, I would remember the answer FOREVER. I’ll try to minimize those ‘stupid’ questions though. It is not good to carry a don’t-know-anything reputation. Dad once taught me that it is okay to be a fool for a minute but a smart person for the rest of our lives. Everyone has somewhere to begin isn’t it?


It’s time to go to bed. Yes, as early as this. I guess you’ve found my answer of my MIA-ing in Facebook and MSN.

Forgive me!


3 thoughts on “China Wine

  1. Strange.. I don’t think you have accent similar to chinese from China. Anyway, I totally agree with you on not understanding the indians. I have the same problem. It’s easier to communicate through IM/email

    • precisely! maybe they are not accent savvy haha ; or just jumping into conclusions :) emails are indeed the best solution, no better choices left ! :)

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