Condo Renovation Update #1

Current progress is pretty good! Most of the things are hacked and waiting to be fitted (tiles, cabinets, floor).

Our 3rd room’s floor. Our future study room :)


The master bathroom :)


Kitchen cabinet. Dino decided to hack the granite down for a new one :) Also the previous kitchen floor tiles removed.


All in all the unit is in a mess. But seeing the living room and kitchen tiles nicely laid (save the pictures for the last!), our hearts just rejoiced and patiently await the final outcome. I’m sure Dino is more anxious than I am, as he is the affected first in-line of you-name-it; tiredness, lack of sleep,¬†liaising¬†with various contractors and me-his-lady-boss for final decision (he actually put that in one of the email correspondences with a contractor) ; how sweet :)


Well, with God’s grace, this unit will be made over perfectly for a more comfy future, a place we can call our home :)



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