Condo Update #2

Dear all, I proudly presents some good photos on our condo. Dino’s hard work are all shining within the condo. I have to tell you he was stressed, sleepless and saturated.


Right now?


He is just so happy to be living in it hahahaha. He is excited like a lil kid who just found ice cream; I truly understand; all his hardwork admist the painful period, and right now he is reaping the rewards!! Not sure if he danced out of joy but I’m not surprised if he did :P


Let the pictures do the talking, I’m so excited to get home :)


This is our external bathroom. Dino’s choice on the head shower.



The view of our 3rd room entrance on the left and the external bathroom’s door. Lovely isn’t it? We all especially love the ‘ WIld Irish’ purple paint. Dino’s idea and our colour of choice <3


Our master bathroom. There were some comments that it looks weird but both Dino and I love it, this is all mattered :)


Our wardrobe and my dressing table. Dino knew I wanted a dressing table so he worked with the designer for this. Super <3


Our curtain. Cannot really see its colour here in this photo. We love the colour and the price, it’s from IKEA :) I wanted the railings to be removed and replaced with a stick, to fit my button type curtain. It makes life a lot easier, trust me. Oh, and if you noticed, the couch, book shelf (I wanted it ops!) and TV cabinet are all matching in colours :D


Ahah! This is one romantic view from the couch looking towards the entrance. I think it is just super lovely. That is Dino’s custom made shoe rack and the clock I love from IKEA. That is the blind (there are another 2 in the kitchen) we got to avoid people peeping in as our unit is just right after the elevator :)


Last but not least, our humble kitchen. Mom just got us a microwave oven, so our kitchen will not look that empty soon. And Dino is grilling a chicken for us with that *winks


As I’m typing now, Dino is still getting some minor things fixed and installed. And when I’m back we will go through the process of decorating the house, not that there are much to do, but there is still a need to beautify our unit :)  How time flies and all our hardwork has started to reap its rewards.


So, this will be our home. That is what Dino assured me :)





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