Hong Kong- Day 1

So I was blogging about my arrival to Hong Kong…guess what we did when we checked into our hostel???!!

Yes, we took our sweet nap :P :P :P Couldn’t help it actually, as we were quite tired with the entire travelling . Our taxi ride was 4am to airport, being only asleep about 11pm the night before lolol. Our nap was disrupted by our growling tummies (1 hour nap so not much time wasted lah) hehe. As we left our SIM in the room and I was super hungry so I authoritatively picked any decent looking cafe around our hostel. 15steps away and we landed into a cafe; the food was rather disappointing. I couldn’t believe it as I have always believed that any cafe in HK would have decent food, not this time apparently hmm…Thank God the cafe had wifi so hubz googled for nearby cafes (which he had it bookmarked into the ‘OpenRice’ app (only operable with dataplan), and we decided to head to Australia Dairy Co right after our meal hahaha.


Australia Dairy Co, located adjacent to our hostel (thank God for our hostel!!!)

P/S : Closed on Thursdays.


HKD 61 for milk pudding, scramble egg with toast and a milk tea. Very delicious I would say, I wonder what type of milk used :) We were blessed as there were plenty of seats when we reached. 

For those who can read Chinese, here is a good reference for you :D


GUESS WHAT we did after Australia Dairy Co? Yes, we ate AGAIN immediately after haha! Didn’t know that Mak Noodles was just a few shops away, and since we were already there in the midst of the hot weather, air con is most welcomed!!!

HKD 36/bowl. Very nice despite the price hmmm…




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