I’m finally married & Happy 2014!!

Happy 2014 to all!! Better late to wish than never!


2013 had been very good to me although I lost a couple of good friends to other countries; just because our country is incapable to keep those talents *phhht* . 2013 was a hectic year but in the midst of everything, I got married to the love of my life. The man who deserves my everything. The man who is now my best friend is kind in nature, nourishes, funny, wise and loves me.

The journey towards our wedding wasn’t easy. Generally brides will shoulder most of the preparations but for my case, Dino did 80% of them (including our honeymoon). 20% which was my part – and I settled them online – thank God for internet!! I learnt that the key is do the research earlier to avoid last minute panics, and it saves some cost because much comparison had been made between various websites for the best offer :)


Certainly, I gathered my maid of honour and my bridesmaids who graciously made time for my wedding. Without them, I would go crazy. Serious. And they were the ones who meant most to me so definitely they, together with many others had helped carved a sweet memory in 2013 :)


On the day I got married, I had the least sleep ever. Most popular advice to sleep more for any bride-to-be can hardly be adhered in my case. It wasn’t like I was anxious but the preparations tired me very quickly – it was hard for me to greet dreamland being exhausted (something that I have had since young)…and I had to wake up as early as 4am for all necessary preparations; the groom would have to arrive latest 830am so that we all could make our way to Sitiawan Wesley Methodist Church on time!


Wedding dinner reception in Sitiawan was held in BeiKing Restaurant. The food was awesome – fresh and delicious, truly the Fuchow way. And Dino was very detailed to add in durian pancake and baby octopus into the 1st appetizer dish; just because I love it.


Syuen Hotel Dinner reception. It was supposed to be held in Mun Cheong Pasir Puteh, but please save from deviating to another topic :) The Syuen team did great! We had good feedbacks that the food was good and ground staff was efficient ! :)


And so with TWO consecutive hectic days, I am now Mrs Dino. A lot to learn, a lot to give, a lot to sacrifice. A toast to many more years to come!



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