It is easy to be happy

Well,  yes. It IS that simple.


I remember when rain of shits fell upon me at one season…erm like balls of Milo, but wasn’t of how good Milo would taste like. The process from getting shit stains, to cleaning them off, to not ‘think’ of the misfortune, to forgiving who threw the balls of shit on me… hahahaha. Sounds simple but actually not. Many times I found myself asking why me, why so difficult, if I could reverse the time and choose again…


Looking back, I do not regret making those mistakes, learnt and moved on. Because the process of correcting the mistakes was cruel and only by His strength I managed to overcome! Not forgetting that during those horrendous tribulations, my friends stood by my side, my bro and me got closer and more childish (our secret!), my parent’s love could only be magnified in my heart and Dino’s love proved that mine is all, totally (see the emphasis) worthy in His name :)


My life, since my jungle chapter, was almost like a fairy tale. I was tremendously blessed yet my survival skills was being tested. I’m very thankful that in the midst of searching, I clung closer to Him and started a whole new chapter entirely, much happier :)


I realized that in the quest of living a happy life, we need to be humble. Because attitude wins heart, and makes us more contented of our lives. In the quest of growing $ in your bank accounts, think again, are you really ‘that‘ happy?


My travels have given me the opportunity to see what is in stored out there of which I begin to take life more seriously, as in, I appreciate everything that is evolving around me. The food that I eat, the dog that walked past, the laptop that is still functioning… it is just that simple, if only your brains allow. Human beings are all so different individually, so instead of frustrating myself on their each unique characters, I take it easily, choosing to laugh at their karenah (mischievous, sometimes blood-vomiting acts) instead of boiling my veins – it works, try it!


As of now, I’ve sacrificed a lot just to be what I am today, and given a chance, I will definitely choose otherwise. I clearly know right now that I prefer love and relationships over money and power. And I am glad Dino agrees. I will endure for the time being, and in His timing, I’ll make my way back into love :) Speaking of that, our abode is at its final phase, and it is just so pretty! We love how our taste are so similar and classy within the specific tight budget. Most importantly, we pulled out from this renovation, with Dino all saturated (couldn’t help him much D: #guilty) , yet I love his humble, gentle, well-tempered attitude towards our almost blood-vomiting workers of Lim (our contractor). Considering to charge rent for those who crash over , kidding! :P I still remember my dream to make chicken soup for my friends who come over, so deal is still on! :)


States is treating me good. Nothing much as of now, but tests one after another. I appreciate where I am now although I am missing home terribly and of course Dino. I believe I will pull out something good from this adventure this time.


God bless!




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