Malaysia is safe no more

I put up a FB status that writes;


“┬áMalaysia is safe no more. So sad. I dread the day where at least one in the household is a victim to robbery assault; my husband is now one. We.need.a.miracle.”


It happened in front of our condo, Villa Angsana, located at Jalan Ipoh. It was at 630am when the incident happened. I am not putting the attention towards my husband but rather the insecurity that we cannot even walk along the streets of our condo, ridiculous. Thank God no brain clots nor skull fractures, it was considered minor amongst many other cases that happened. The question is WHY. Is Malaysia such an easy country to commit crimes? I cannot even afford a Channel, why my household? You robbers are contented with just a laptop and mere RM 200?


Miracle upon our land, oh Lord. Open up the minds of our leaders to combat crimes/corruption. Our ministers obviously are living in their body-guarded homes; how well do they know the criminals on the streets or the cries of the victims’ family.. Lord, I pray for a land of peace and serenity, where each of us regardless of colour can have a satisfying meal even in the most ulu part of Malaysia.

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