Mid Year break ~ Hong Kong !!

My maiden trip to HK was with both my parents. 2 years after my first visit, both my mom & I revisited HK again :)

This time is with hubby, our 1st trip together. It was a last minute trip; we applied for our leaves early June and 3 weeks later- we were all set to HK hahahah! HK was selected because there is really no need for much homework , plus I have relatives there, so it made our last minute trip much easier lol!

We touched down just before noon and slowly made our way to the exit. It felt really good as we need not rush like our past business trips, catching for time etc. We could just take photos leisurely, took our sweet time to get the tourist brochures, chatted with a lovely lady on duty (Ashley!) who gave us suggestions on places to EAT hahaha!

Did I mention our trip was a budget trip? We really need to count our pennies as HK is known to be one of the expensive countries to live in! From the airport, we took the A22 bus that stops in front of our hostel (3rd stop from airport) and only cost HKD 39 (no need of what airport express and long travel time bla bla bla). We got this recommendation from AirBnB (check it out!) and the hoStel location is awesome! Why pay for so much when you only need 10hours a day, 8 hours to sleep and 2 hours max to really enjoy the room ;)

So yeah, Simply HoStel was where we stayed during our short trip in HK. Cost? SGD 71.25/night (inclusive of cleaning fee) for both of us!


There is no free lunch in this world, so what you pay is what you get!

This is what you see when you open the ‘Main Door’

The check-in counter ;P


The size of our room. The wall is at the most right of this photo!

Size of our toillet!!


Oh yes, I did get a shock but it was really fun living a local for a few days hehe!


Did I mention how convenient this hostel is?? From Jordan MTR Station, take exit B1, once you are at the ‘exit’ of B1, walk 3 steps in front and you will find yourself in New Lucky House. Take the lift to level 11 and voila – Simply Hostel !!!  ;D




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