My visit to a maple factory

I had this opportunity to reenter New York for the 4th time, and I wasn’t sure if I could go visiting as the weather was not that friendly. No more snowing but the temperature was still 0degC most of the time! And it affects the activities available throughout the country, so I googled hard so that I left no weekends wasted.


Guess what I found? Maple factories were opening for public visit! I drove about 1 hour to the nearest factory and poked my nose into the process. I am never a fan of maple syrup but my hubz is. It was such a coincidence that when I told him I was preparing to drive up to visit, he told me – ” I was just watching it on documentary last night and now you are going to a maple factory! ”


My first view took my breath away. Look at the clear skies and the smoky tiny hut just like the pictures in kids story books  ..  wow …


And I walked through the process of maple processing in the cold … *brr

Sugar Mill Farm is the name of this maple factory :)

I wonder with such tiny tubes, how long it would take to accumulate the syrup…

I observed -1 drop every 5~6 seconds =.=”


Reverse osmosis process to first remove water

And next the syrup was processed with this evaporator and the output was wow, concentrated syrup! This farm uses the conventional way (wood) to boil the syrup!


Here you go, the output of the evaporator. The white pail is food filter agent.


The final filtering process – many filtering layers hor !!?


Ta Dah! The output directly from the filter above. Tastes so sweet and smooth…yumz!! Interesting ya?


Bottling up maple syrups for sale.

Items for sale. I forgot how much it costs for a bottle but I think it is less than $20 .


Indeed such an eye opening , mouth watering opportunity. How I not love the States, I always learn a lot everytime I am there :D Thank you Abba Father for the great opportunity!


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