A brand new year

So I started the year with no goals in mind, and that only lasted me for a day. A DAY!!! Because Dino didn’t allow me to move blindly in 2013 so he decided to pop me the multi million dollar question;


And I said YES.


Nothing fancy about his proposal, thank God. If he did ask me in public I am pretty sure I’d run to the washroom knowing not what to do, or how to react. *phew* Nevertheless, he did what he was supposed to do, knelt on one knee and popped the question. I gave him a hard time as well (our secret) and the next thing I knew, we were speaking about wedding preparations already! *sweats BIG time*


Honestly, we have been talking about wedding planning. Before Dino popped the question, he had been telling me the wedding would be when and when, you know, just a thought that flowed through his mind but no specific decisions made.


So…the preparation has begun!!! The worst part is both of our times are rather not in our mercy! Nevertheless, we uphold to our Papa above for His guidance and grace towards our planning. In His will and mercy, our preparation will turn out fine even tough we are struggling with time AMEN!! :D


And, least that I know, there is a loooooooooong checklist. Top of the list is parents meeting up officially for discussions for the actual day. Well, both family had met before so it wasn’t that awkward *shows peace sign* . I took this opportunity to enjoy the good food (had sumptuous dinner before official discussion) instead because I really couldn’t be bothered about Chinese customs etc T____T


Next in list, a pastor for our wedding solemnization. Then the date, venue for both dinners and most importantly the church venue. Sounds easy but we had to make sure the dates are good, because they are all inter-related. get-it get-it?  *PHEW*


After that, we had to decide the wedding cards design, wedding favors, red wine, venue decoration, engaging a bridal studio or custom made the wedding gown, makeup, parent’s attire, brothers and bridesmaids ah…too many to list but we got all the foundation laid. The details will progress as it goes, by His grace :)


Indeed it is one challenging task, it is like a huge assignment which will only come by once in a lifetime, but nevertheless I am thankful that our parents agreed to a simple yet meaningful one…I don’t see a point throwing a lavish wedding where I could save my $$ for something more realistic *hee*



Shall update as it progresses! May God bless our preparation :)










P/S : I just realized that I blogged once a month averagely! good good ! better than none lah…

Blessed New Year

On the first day of 2013, I woke up feeling very satisfied. It was like a mixture of love, heavenly assurance, strength and yes, ample amount of sleep. In short, I felt whole.



I took the time to reflect upon 2012. It wasn’t anything to shout about, but I identified my mistakes, things to improve and most importantly, I felt God was with me throughout the year. The reason I said this is because I could identify the occasions where He kept me safe despite my carelessness, thought me to be more patient, and at many times, He was the teacher of the things I had to. You must be thinking I’m kidding, but without Him, I may never go through 2012 victoriously.



Sadly, I realized my time with parents was compromised. Partly because of my job, however I’m glad my parents found something to keep them busy temporarily. I tried my best to visit if it was within my physical ability; it is very tiring having to travel so much, however I would think that my parents would want more of me. I almost wanted to give up visiting them on Christmas because I reached my hotel room (Prai) at about 2am (25/12) after a day’s work. And to make it home (Ipoh) for Christmas service, I would have to wake up by 8am latest to be on time after about 2 hours drive. No matter how much I was glued onto my hotel room’s bed, I pulled myself up and made it home, with Dino as my personal driver. I kept mum about going home for Christmas, so yeah, as you could have guessed, my parents got a shock when they saw me and Dino walking into the church, and I think I saw my mum teary. She hugged me so tightly; I knew she was glad I was home. We visited Dino’s parents in the evening, and drove straight back to Prai after dinner. I had to resume work the day after. It was tiring but worth it. Family is important, and I’m gonna improve family time for 2013.





I ended the year with a heart of giving. I have never felt better. The bible says blessed it is to give than to receive, and through many experiences, I admit that it is true. How marvelous is God’s intervention in my life, how great Thou art…the best part? I have Dino with me exercising our faith in Christ and it felt so good that we could bless/encourage others as a couple.



Another thing that I learnt was, to just be myself and unless constructive, it is unnecessary to put too much thoughts/emotions on negative comments. It is not my job to please others but God.



I pray that throughout this year He will keep me humble, strong and wise. I will improve my time with Him, family, Dino and friends. I would summarize this year as a year of relationships. (forget about $ and power, I cannot bring it to the grave anyway…) . It will also be a year where I enter another chapter of life. :)



Second day of new year? I didn’t want to wake up …because it was time to resume work !



However I ended ‘that’ day on cloud 9. It was all because of Dino   . Story ah? Some other time lah … *winks*






Dino & I have been together for quite awhile. Not exactly too long but significantly long enough to brag about each other strengths and weaknesses; in terms of weaknesses, my score card is much higher…


Dino says I am untidy (because my things are everywhere, which I DO NOT deny). He ended up tidying my room one fine day during one of his rare visits to Singapore *sweats* He on the other hand, is Mr.Tidy as he was trained to clean his house when he was young.. He always says that his specialty is washing the dishes and mopping the floor…(I think he mentioned more but I *buat buat lupa * )


Both of us met in SIB Miri while I was posted in the jungle and when he was based in Miri for awhile. It WASN”T like we kept in touch a lot because he would either be away in the middle of nowhere, or I’d be in the jungle; let’s just say we both had different ways back then.


I will keep the suspense on how we got together eventually (though some close friends have known), until the day we get married hehe (need to save some items to talk about when the day arrives). However, he swept my feet with his love for God and his sincere persistence. He even drove to my house and asked my parents for their permission and blessings to take me as his girlfriend. Yes….my heart melted!!


Ask my mom and she can confirm that Dino is  ’si lai sat sau’ (housewives killer). I love how he shows utmost respect to elders (not only my parents) and how far he’ll go for his friends. He could talk to anyone easily and not hold any grudges when someone advises him for his good. I’ve advised someone dear to me before about certain things but what shocked me was that person chose to be angry instead and told me that the respect for person X would be less (what on earth is this?). Also, Dino doesn’t use vulgar words nor curse he’ll burn someone’s house/go whack someone….(joking or not; not kidding I’ve heard few people saying this) …


Dino told me that his mom prays for our relationship. How sweet is that!!!??  When I am sick or on some business travels, she keeps me in prayer. She occasionally buys me things eg herbs or tupperwares because she is concerned. Same goes for my mom. She whatsapps Dino occasionally, checking if he is doing good, etc…unlike most moms who just leave the youngsters in their relationship. I find that our relationship is special because we have support from each families especially moms who are prayer warriors and most importantly, love God. They of course would consistently give advises (sounds good or bad but for our good!) and we would be glad to learn from them.




Actually, we are on LDR all along, although many people guessed that he is working in Singapore too (how did you get the idea ah?), so it has been not that easy for us, considering that I travel so much and fly after receipt of emergency phone calls. Dino told me that he wouldn’t give up. He would make the effort to look for me during his off days, whereever I would be; something I thanked God for. Well, there were of course disappointments where suddenly he couldn’t make it (initially, there were emergency calls for him to travel too), but at least he would let me know that he couldn’t make it, unlike some of my bad experiences where plans were made but no show.


To be fair, I know I cannot compare my past dating experiences with Dino. They were just different type of people that have different personalities, which sadly clashed with mine. For example, you know what type of person someone is when they speak badly about their ex-half after a relationship has ended. Dino told me about his pasts, however, he didn’t paint a black picture of his horrible experiences, instead, he told me the mistakes he learnt, his yet-unanswered questions about his past yet not bad-mouthing anyone. His testimony in this area, is so powerful, I’ll leave him on that to share, you’ll be amazed with dropping jaws ..or maybe like this;


Dino can be super caring, but he is also forgetful lor. Like I told him my (toy) dog’s name is Doreen but he calls her Patricia *roll eyes*. And he calls the bird which built its nest opposite our kitchen, Jane ; I think he got my childish disease LOL! 



Both Dino and I call each other names. And in Whatsapp, we both have an icon which represents each of us hahahaha. Among all of the names he created for me, Dino also calls me Queen of CONTROL.  



Because if I do not, he would be late for work. Or forget his stuffs. Or procrastinate….




And you guys say ladies nag…


It’s October and I’m awake

Greetings! Looks like I’ve abandoned my blog a.k.a my thoughts so long that I am really considering to shut this down…I’m not too sure about this yet, let’s see how it goes.


I’m not surprised on how fast time flies, rather I am more surprised on my lack of achievements and procrastination on certain things. But then again, I also realize that I traded a lot of time on some other more important things eg the house, parents and Dino. Cannot compare ok…:)


In the midst of of busyness, I realized that a lot of my time were spent for others and not myself. Putting work aside, the amount of time I set aside was for my parents, if not Dino, if not my friends, if not my landlords. Sigh. I realized that I didn’t really set some time for myself, what more the time I have with Him, also deteriorated.


I’ve no idea why out of a sudden, I was awaken. The phrase ‘Wake me up when September ends’ .. suits me this time, because I really felt something is different in me, just I have no idea who slapped me up; the Holy Spirit maybe. *shrugs*


I’ll start with some baby steps. Guide me O Lord…It is time to speak to the mountain of procrastination and hurdles. :)

Condo Update #2

Dear all, I proudly presents some good photos on our condo. Dino’s hard work are all shining within the condo. I have to tell you he was stressed, sleepless and saturated.


Right now?


He is just so happy to be living in it hahahaha. He is excited like a lil kid who just found ice cream; I truly understand; all his hardwork admist the painful period, and right now he is reaping the rewards!! Not sure if he danced out of joy but I’m not surprised if he did :P


Let the pictures do the talking, I’m so excited to get home :)


This is our external bathroom. Dino’s choice on the head shower.



The view of our 3rd room entrance on the left and the external bathroom’s door. Lovely isn’t it? We all especially love the ‘ WIld Irish’ purple paint. Dino’s idea and our colour of choice <3


Our master bathroom. There were some comments that it looks weird but both Dino and I love it, this is all mattered :)


Our wardrobe and my dressing table. Dino knew I wanted a dressing table so he worked with the designer for this. Super <3


Our curtain. Cannot really see its colour here in this photo. We love the colour and the price, it’s from IKEA :) I wanted the railings to be removed and replaced with a stick, to fit my button type curtain. It makes life a lot easier, trust me. Oh, and if you noticed, the couch, book shelf (I wanted it ops!) and TV cabinet are all matching in colours :D


Ahah! This is one romantic view from the couch looking towards the entrance. I think it is just super lovely. That is Dino’s custom made shoe rack and the clock I love from IKEA. That is the blind (there are another 2 in the kitchen) we got to avoid people peeping in as our unit is just right after the elevator :)


Last but not least, our humble kitchen. Mom just got us a microwave oven, so our kitchen will not look that empty soon. And Dino is grilling a chicken for us with that *winks


As I’m typing now, Dino is still getting some minor things fixed and installed. And when I’m back we will go through the process of decorating the house, not that there are much to do, but there is still a need to beautify our unit :)  How time flies and all our hardwork has started to reap its rewards.


So, this will be our home. That is what Dino assured me :)





It is easy to be happy

Well,  yes. It IS that simple.


I remember when rain of shits fell upon me at one season…erm like balls of Milo, but wasn’t of how good Milo would taste like. The process from getting shit stains, to cleaning them off, to not ‘think’ of the misfortune, to forgiving who threw the balls of shit on me… hahahaha. Sounds simple but actually not. Many times I found myself asking why me, why so difficult, if I could reverse the time and choose again…


Looking back, I do not regret making those mistakes, learnt and moved on. Because the process of correcting the mistakes was cruel and only by His strength I managed to overcome! Not forgetting that during those horrendous tribulations, my friends stood by my side, my bro and me got closer and more childish (our secret!), my parent’s love could only be magnified in my heart and Dino’s love proved that mine is all, totally (see the emphasis) worthy in His name :)


My life, since my jungle chapter, was almost like a fairy tale. I was tremendously blessed yet my survival skills was being tested. I’m very thankful that in the midst of searching, I clung closer to Him and started a whole new chapter entirely, much happier :)


I realized that in the quest of living a happy life, we need to be humble. Because attitude wins heart, and makes us more contented of our lives. In the quest of growing $ in your bank accounts, think again, are you really ‘that‘ happy?


My travels have given me the opportunity to see what is in stored out there of which I begin to take life more seriously, as in, I appreciate everything that is evolving around me. The food that I eat, the dog that walked past, the laptop that is still functioning… it is just that simple, if only your brains allow. Human beings are all so different individually, so instead of frustrating myself on their each unique characters, I take it easily, choosing to laugh at their karenah (mischievous, sometimes blood-vomiting acts) instead of boiling my veins – it works, try it!


As of now, I’ve sacrificed a lot just to be what I am today, and given a chance, I will definitely choose otherwise. I clearly know right now that I prefer love and relationships over money and power. And I am glad Dino agrees. I will endure for the time being, and in His timing, I’ll make my way back into love :) Speaking of that, our abode is at its final phase, and it is just so pretty! We love how our taste are so similar and classy within the specific tight budget. Most importantly, we pulled out from this renovation, with Dino all saturated (couldn’t help him much D: #guilty) , yet I love his humble, gentle, well-tempered attitude towards our almost blood-vomiting workers of Lim (our contractor). Considering to charge rent for those who crash over , kidding! :P I still remember my dream to make chicken soup for my friends who come over, so deal is still on! :)


States is treating me good. Nothing much as of now, but tests one after another. I appreciate where I am now although I am missing home terribly and of course Dino. I believe I will pull out something good from this adventure this time.


God bless!




Quest for a balanced life

2 years ago, I was looking for alternatives. I had the energy to fight and earn a better living, well not that I wanted any bungalows or BMWs, I just wanted a better life in moderation, that simple.


I’m not sure what I wanted to prove so badly, I’m always drowned in work, and there isn’t any work life balance. The amount of red bombs I get in these 3 years increases exponentially and sadly, I barely could attend most of them. I do not blame my friends if they forget my name or how I actually look like. Being at where I am now, the quest to go home (hometown) is like getting 9 months bonus if it could ACTUALLY happen.




All these frustrations led me to a dream, a dream that I’m not sure if I could achieve. I now secretly want to be a thai thai (wife who stays at home). However, looking at my traits; I never wash my toilet, or fold my blanket, my room’s a mess, never will I do housework.. I think I practically fail before I even apply for this position, or rather, be eligible for this position (hello, I need to get married for this). Actually, I just want to sit at home, go have tea whenever I want, go window shopping to suck some free aircon (yes, that is my goal), head to public library and borrow some good books bla bla bla and yet, STILL HAVE $$ and FOOD !!


I’m asked to prepare for my next travel, to be trained (again) that is. This will mark my 3rd time in that country, well on the bright side, I’m glad it’ll be summer :) My workload will increase exponentially after my coming back, oh dear. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope but I pray God will be in charged because my relationship with Him and my loved ones will be affected. I foresee I’m gonna travel like a mad lady and Dino will be catching me whereever I’ll be!


Actually in conclusion, I’m just being lazy, Or maybe I just need a good break.


And I also think I could probably enjoy poking into other’s business :P



Condo Renovation Update #1

Current progress is pretty good! Most of the things are hacked and waiting to be fitted (tiles, cabinets, floor).

Our 3rd room’s floor. Our future study room :)


The master bathroom :)


Kitchen cabinet. Dino decided to hack the granite down for a new one :) Also the previous kitchen floor tiles removed.


All in all the unit is in a mess. But seeing the living room and kitchen tiles nicely laid (save the pictures for the last!), our hearts just rejoiced and patiently await the final outcome. I’m sure Dino is more anxious than I am, as he is the affected first in-line of you-name-it; tiredness, lack of sleep, liaising with various contractors and me-his-lady-boss for final decision (he actually put that in one of the email correspondences with a contractor) ; how sweet :)


Well, with God’s grace, this unit will be made over perfectly for a more comfy future, a place we can call our home :)



Condo Renovation

First and foremost, renovation.. is a headache…


Wait, if you are wondering, I’m NOT referring to my house. I guess, it is now obvious that Dino IS the owner, and *shy* I’m just the, erm parasite…but has a lot of say *erhem* in the design of our abode..


The most important thing for any renovations, is to get a good contractor. Being foreign in KL, both of us were clueless on this; you know, the kind where he/she wouldn’t suck your hard earned $$ too much and still give quality work.


Through Dino’s hometown network, we were introduced to Teoh. We liked him as he tried to cut unnecessary costs etc, yet giving us good ideas on items we may have never heard before….and after few meetings, Dino decided to engage Teoh. That was like many months ago, where Dino even hadn’t gotten the condo’s key! And several months after, when Teoh was ready to start on our unit, to our dismay he had to decline our project as he was down with some health issues.


And so it was back to square one. We had to find a new contractor AGAIN, the most sienzzzz part of all. Through recommendations, we got 3-4 numbers. This time, we asked for quotations and compared their prices, at the same time asked about their quality of job done from friends/colleagues who recommended. We were told that it is a norm in KL, to engage at least 5 contractors quote and then pick the best. Of course, we were shocked at this information as both of us do not have that much time to hunt for any!


In the end, after all the hassles, we surrendered all to God. There is no one we can trust but Him alone. We prayed that He will guide us to the right contractor, and that our abode will be a blessing to many upon completion. It is not easy but we learnt to take it easy, and let God lead. And it was a huge burden off our shoulders.. (more like off Dino’s)…


In the midst of deciding between the 4 quotations, God worked in our lives. During the duration where Dino was having his short break, he was introduced to Lim, a contractor. It was during the Renovation Expo held in PWTC that while scouting for LED lights for our plaster ceiling, he made friends with a salesman, Ng who recommended Lim to us. Dino called Lim immediately and the next day, he came over and we went through the list-to-do together with my presence (I made a weekend trip back after a strong encouragement from my colleague who also had just makeover his unit). In 8 hours, Lim gave us his quotation and may I just say, his price is the BEST of all. Praise God!


Obviously, we engaged Lim. Lim is a young chap, early 30s and is super energetic. I salute his energy and his success in this industry (he told us some stories). Most importantly, we admired his efficiency in giving his customers quotes within 8 hours. Best!


Back to the Renovation Expo, it was one the most tiring weekend in my life. From walking as early as 10am till 9pm for 2 consecutive days, please pardon me for me for not contacting anyone in KL. I took the earliest flight on Monday and headed straight to work haha! Yeah, super tiring but it was all worth it; we bought most of our list-to-buy items from the expo at slashed prices! No regrets! Lolol


Eager to see what we bought during the expo? Haha. Call me show off but this project of ours will not be a success without God whose timing’s so perfect. Dino went on Day 1 itself (total 3 days) to scout on available items, and he did a good job in finalizing items for our abode. When I arrived on Day 2, he briefed me on items he thought I would love (we have quite similar taste) and our so hunt began!


It was so much easier for me, and eventually us, that all I needed to do was to decide. Probably I should just type in point form like all engineers do haha!


Day 1

Dino did homework (scout in Expo). Presented his findings to me (lolol) and was waiting eagerly for my arrival. Score brownie points hor!


Day 2

I arrived and headed for the expo. Went through all the pamplets Dino obtained and had a good look on the actual items on display, which Dino had already narrowed down to save time. Entire day pakto in expo in the sea of people. The only thing paid for on this day was deposit for Floor Depot – we are getting rid of the existing parquet and replacing them with laminated flooring from Floor Depot with 15 years warranty!


Day 3

Paid a lot of deposit. Kinda saw a huge black hole in Dino’s account.


1. Wall lamps, bathroom lights and chandelier from ALFO. Quite a good bargain~!

Dining chandelier

Bathroom lights – the right one

Our wall lamps

Entrance and balcony lamps.


2. LED lights for our plaster ceiling from Tong Ging.

3. Rinnai hop and hood. Dino wanted something better, thus he promised he will learn to cook (thank God, my life made easier!)

4. Kitchen cabinet from Lavender.

5. Lovely bathroom sinks from Intrends Bathroom Glassware.

Our master bedroom’s sink. Tempered glass and stainless steel cabinet. Dino wanted it so badly so I said OK 

External bathroom sink, looks so atas hor! Tempered glass and stainless steel cabinet. maybe my future hamster bowl Had a tough time deciding between this and another model, but in the end, Dino succumbed to this choice of mine *grins*


6. Granite sink for kitchen from Benova .

Initially our plan was to get a medium range stainless steel, but renovation expo has its temptations too! This granite sink is prolly equivalent to 4 stainless steel sinks!!!  Dino fell in love with this, and since he is doing his duty with this, I shouldn’t say NO, should I? 


7. Cottage shoe rack and door hangers from Coco Interior Design.

Dino’s choice. The sales girl was baffled with Dino’s ‘girly’ taste lolol.


8. Kitchen tap & bidet for 50% off the price! Cheapest we’ve seen so far :)


9. Tiles from Ipmuda (opposite DUMC). We walked past Ipmuda after church. Out of my curiosity, I pulled Dino in and since clearance sales on going; we got all our bathroom tiles there! Such impromptu design haha. Gosh our tastes are so similar :)

External bathroom wall tiles

Floor tiles for both bathrooms


Wall tiles for master bathroom :)


And thereafter this expo, Dino geared up with strength above for these minor things hunt, eg ceiling fan, water heater, my BLUE bath tub, floor traps, toilet roll holders, bathroom faucets. Pity him, he walked from one shop to another to get the best bargain. Renovation, is tiring, very but fun. Heard that most couples quarrel during renovation process, well I thank God that Dino is patient with me…


Well, renovation is on going, the contractor had all the room floors, living room & kitchen floor hacked (we decided to change last minute) and our master bedroom bathroom cleared. Pretty efficient and I cant wait for the outcome!


I wanna thank you Dino for erm, absorbing the entire renovation cost giving me such an experience. I learnt a lot during this tiring but fun renovation process. I could conclude that a successful renovation comes from patience seeking the best contractor and hunting for items on our own (saves a lot!).


On another note, prolly, I should get myself a pair of yellow boots; contractors earn a whole lot man!


P/S : If the outcome of our renovation is very satisfactory, I’ll recommend Lim with his details here :)

Time flies

Time flew too fast to remember every single detail. But I thank God that I appreciated each second, because I will never know what will happen the second next!


In my line, to have a weekend with love ones is a bonus. To have a week? I’ll be on cloud 9! I guess each decision of ours means sacrificing something and once made, there is no turning back, at least for a short period of time.


My job also teaches me patience. And also to properly sentence my words so that I do not sound too blunt and eventually hurt the other party. Sometimes, I just cannot help it..I’m a fairer sex and I tend to express all out unlike macho men – talk business #likeaboss


I think the higher you climb, the more you gotta search your heart. Have you surrendered all to Him or merely loving Him and people whenever you want? My idea of a boss is like Jesus and His character. Not everyone has the character, sadly. I really pray that my attitude and character is overflowing from the love from above, that I may be a good steward of His.


Recently both Dino and I are in the midst of a project (secret!) and we felt that God is indeed intervening in all our decisions. And also, what is happening, we have no control at all; all we can do is to surrender and marvel at His grace and works in our lives! *weak knees*


Haha pork chop from Macao! My life is associated with pigs and porks (ugrh!). I don’t eat pork so eventually it became a joke in my life haha. It is just so funny seeing how people around me letting their hair down and bring out their very own childishness in them <3


Have a blessed week ahead!