Quest for a balanced life

2 years ago, I was looking for alternatives. I had the energy to fight and earn a better living, well not that I wanted any bungalows or BMWs, I just wanted a better life in moderation, that simple.


I’m not sure what I wanted to prove so badly, I’m always drowned in work, and there isn’t any work life balance. The amount of red bombs I get in these 3 years increases exponentially and sadly, I barely could attend most of them. I do not blame my friends if they forget my name or how I actually look like. Being at where I am now, the quest to go home (hometown) is like getting 9 months bonus if it could ACTUALLY happen.




All these frustrations led me to a dream, a dream that I’m not sure if I could achieve. I now secretly want to be a thai thai (wife who stays at home). However, looking at my traits; I never wash my toilet, or fold my blanket, my room’s a mess, never will I do housework.. I think I practically fail before I even apply for this position, or rather, be eligible for this position (hello, I need to get married for this). Actually, I just want to sit at home, go have tea whenever I want, go window shopping to suck some free aircon (yes, that is my goal), head to public library and borrow some good books bla bla bla and yet, STILL HAVE $$ and FOOD !!


I’m asked to prepare for my next travel, to be trained (again) that is. This will mark my 3rd time in that country, well on the bright side, I’m glad it’ll be summer :) My workload will increase exponentially after my coming back, oh dear. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope but I pray God will be in charged because my relationship with Him and my loved ones will be affected. I foresee I’m gonna travel like a mad lady and Dino will be catching me whereever I’ll be!


Actually in conclusion, I’m just being lazy, Or maybe I just need a good break.


And I also think I could probably enjoy poking into other’s business :P



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