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I have a love hate relationship with shades. My nose bridge is too flat to carry most of them, so I have always admired people who can carry them and at the same time look so elegant in them *envies* .


Well, of course I didn’t know the importance of shades until I went to the States. The weather can be so cooling ~ 20deg C and yet the sun is scorching hot and really did hurt my eyes. Our retina can be damaged by those blazing sun rays, if you had not known that hmmm…


Next will be mother of all excuses – FASHION. Shades, is one of the most popular fashion accessories. And almost everyone will have a pair of shades. I used to work in ‘SHADES’ (no pun intended) in an outlet in Jusco Ipoh (main) called Shades and they sell only sunglasses of all brands. And yes, business was good!


My all time favourite – Ray Ban! Classy and elegant!!! Actually you can divide them into top 3 choices of Ray Bans;


1. Classic – versatile to match with a casual outfit while showing off that sophisticated personality with confidence.


2. Mirrored effect – gives that sleek yet edgy look while revealing a sense of mystery. Fully covers eyes from being seen to others, this design definitely boosts up confidence and gives a stylish appearance.


3. Brown tinted – gives a lighter touch for a women’s facial feature and suitable to be worn with any outfit.


If you are interested in getting these fabulous must have sunglasses, have a look at ZALORA as it offers a wide range of Ray Ban online designs at affordable prices! I am surprised that they do carry a wide range of this brand. How convenient for us consumers, lol I can shop without moving my butt :P


Remember I mentioned that my hubz is a victim of a robbery assault? We are all thankful that he had no internal injuries, but externally he is like a cute panda, his “eye bags” are worse then us ladies…

This is 13 days after the incident. The “eye bags”. Can you imagine day #1′s?

Community message : Please be extra careful especially when walking alone. Those culprits are heartless and they operate in groups!! 


A Ray Ban suits my hubz well don’t you think so? Fashion and fully cover “eye bags” checked! :D


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