Sadden by the truth

Not that anything bad has happened to me, in fact I am more than thankful that God is keeping me safe and away from troubles. I had a recent encounter where God intervened and lifted me from a minor burden. My God is awesome ! :)


The recent BERSIH 3.0 had my inner eyes opened. Not that they were closed, but I chose to ignore altogether news from my homeland and my ignorance has done me no good. When most of  the citizens are fighting for a brighter future,  I realized that my ignorance is selfish. Too selfish to be called a Malaysian. Too selfish just to keep myself happy from all the bullshits happening around.


Not that I was there in the rally, but the videos are enough to speak for themselves. I still believe that there are 2 side of the stories. No one knows, only God and I am not The Great and Mighty.


I felt ashamed that being away in a foreign land, I thought I could escape all the propaganda of my home country. I was wrong. Many other nationalities who are living in the same foreign land that I now am, whom are still patriotic and love their home country asked about MY homeland. They are concerned on what a lovely nation is now turning into, the obvious never ending internal gimmicks turned into laughing stalks for other nations D:


*closes eyes, closes ears*


*tries to imagine the future*  *magical clouds floating around*


Dress : Forever 21

Vest : (Cannot remember, sorry! but it was purchased from States :) )

Venue : Disneyworld, Florida



My future kids. 1 boy 1 girl (twins shall be perfect  :D)  Which education should they be sent for??  What kind of environment should they live in? What type of friends should they mix with?? How should they be brought up??  How bright their future will be being where they should originally be??  *raises an eyebrow*






For those who stood up and fought for my future, thank you.  I shall exercise my rights and STOP  ’ hibernating! ‘


3 thoughts on “Sadden by the truth

  1. yes …infact lot ppl which in worse situation (handicap,old folks) oso come out n joining to fight the right for our nations!we should stand up n united !u will really impress if u inperson in the real situations!pray Lord for peace to our country and brighter future!!

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