Time flies

Time flew too fast to remember every single detail. But I thank God that I appreciated each second, because I will never know what will happen the second next!


In my line, to have a weekend with love ones is a bonus. To have a week? I’ll be on cloud 9! I guess each decision of ours means sacrificing something and once made, there is no turning back, at least for a short period of time.


My job also teaches me patience. And also to properly sentence my words so that I do not sound too blunt and eventually hurt the other party. Sometimes, I just cannot help it..I’m a fairer sex and I tend to express all out unlike macho men – talk business #likeaboss


I think the higher you climb, the more you gotta search your heart. Have you surrendered all to Him or merely loving Him and people whenever you want? My idea of a boss is like Jesus and His character. Not everyone has the character, sadly. I really pray that my attitude and character is overflowing from the love from above, that I may be a good steward of His.


Recently both Dino and I are in the midst of a project (secret!) and we felt that God is indeed intervening in all our decisions. And also, what is happening, we have no control at all; all we can do is to surrender and marvel at His grace and works in our lives! *weak knees*


Haha pork chop from Macao! My life is associated with pigs and porks (ugrh!). I don’t eat pork so eventually it became a joke in my life haha. It is just so funny seeing how people around me letting their hair down and bring out their very own childishness in them <3


Have a blessed week ahead!

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