Weak esophagus

I think it is not a secret anymore that I fall sick easily lately.


It got dad shocked, mom shocked, bro shocked and Dino shocked. Oh, I forgot, my colleagues were shocked too. And so, dad nagged mom, mom nagged me, bro laughed at me (the way we both understand) Dino nagged me and my colleagues nagged me.

Ok, what I meant by nag just now was their concern in getting me to eat on time, healthily and taking good care of my eating habit. Asking me to eat this and that, what I should and what I shouldn’t. T___T


Just yesterday, I had the wrong food in the canteen and I got a sour tummy there after. How shitty it felt, but after throwing out, I felt so relieved but looking at the things floating in the toilet bowl, I knew, those things were the culprit and I will never have that ever again.


And what were those?!!




How funny if I tell you that those friend onions were the ones that made my tummy had the worst discomfort ever. Those onions weren’t digested at all, causing my esophagus to be jammed internally (Dr Quek Cheang’s theory). I have no idea if those onions were fried with plastic to make it crunchy (as per rumours) or because it was kept too long that it got contaminated without anyone’s knowledge. Those bad bad germs will not make audible noises anyway o.O


Arggghh…no more throwing up hmph! I guess I will frequent cleaner places and not mind the price. Health is No.1 agree? However I have not much choices left for lunch as it will be from the only canteen in the place I am currently based at. Let’s see how it goes. God will give me the wisdom :)




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