What to blog about?

Everytime when I thought I finally have something to blog about…things doesn’t seem to work well when I am in front of my computer! LOLX

Work was hectic the previous year. This year, things seem to slow down a bit, giving me some more time to be with hubby. I have cultivated the habit to cook before he leaves for work and my, the hardest part is to wake up early in the morning! Well, I guess it is worth it as I do like cooking. Plus eating outside is more expensive and not-that-healthy with all those ‘extra unhealthy’ ingredients. Experimenting different types of dishes is a challenge itself, what more to make sure they taste good! I have great support from both my mothers so yip!- I am on the way to be a good cook *self praise is no praise lalalalala

Ops did I just made your head turn?

The red thingy is red wine mee sua, a special delicacy of the FuChows. Hubby’s favourite, so, it explains why I learnt the dish. Still experimenting … thus no invites are sent (yet) to friends to enjoy this delicacy! Be patient guys!

Dinner meal with hubby comprises mushroom chicken, red spinach, lotus roots soup


Honey Chicken


As I conclude this blog post, somewhat I felt that I am bragging about my dishes hahahaha! Well, these are just some normal house meals , and will never be found in restaurants I guess! But nevertheless, I take pride of my sacrifices towards good health!


So, what are the dishes you cook in your house? *kepoh*



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